Autographed Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch DVDs

Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch

I’m now offering autographed copies of my award-winning DVD, Beating Blackjack with Andy Bloch, for just $40 (including standard shipping to the continental US). For a limited time only, I’m also offering the option of a 10-minute follow-up phone consultation for only $10 more, $50 in total.

Purchases can be made via Paypal. Please let me know what name you want me to put on the DVD cover and if there’s a special message you want me to write.

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  1. For expedited or international shipping, I charge the actual cost of shipping. The DVD and packaging weights under 6oz, and is shipped from Las Vegas, NV (zip code 89101).

    International shipping (via US Postal Service):

    First Class Mail (shipping times vary) is free.
    Priority Mail (6-10 business days) is $10 extra.
    Express Mail (3-5 business days) $28
    Express Mail (1-3 business days) $42

    Great Britain:
    First Class Mail: (shipping times vary): $6 extra.
    Priority Mail (6-10 business days) is $15 extra.
    Express Mail (3-5 business days) $36
    Express Mail (1-3 business days) $50


  2. Hey Andy, I have read this book call play blackjack as a business by Lawrence revere. In this book, the basic strategy says when you have 4-4, you never split them, you always hit. Which is different from your basic strategy. Also there are few more differences between yours and his. Which one do you think is more powerful than the other?


    1. Different casino rules necessitate changes in basic strategy. I’m guessing that the basic strategy you are referring to is for a game without double after split allowed. Most casinos nowadays allow doubling after splitting, making splitting more favorable. Revere originally wrote that book in the 1960s, and blackjack conditions have changed greatly since then.

      Rules can vary from casino to casino, sometimes even from table to table in the same casino! Before you play, you should check the rules and make sure you know the correct basic strategy for the rules, and calculate the casino’s advantage. Here’s a good strategy chart generator for the most common rule variations: Blackjack Basic Strategy Calculator

      Here is a chart for the value to the player of a variety of rule variations: Blackjack rule variations


  3. Andy, many thanks; I bought your dvd years ago & played 1000s of hands exclusively using your strategy, for years, at B, Mandalay & MGM Grand… I always sat at first base because I outlasted everyone & had so much fun. I moved to poker several years ago (I’m a well-known day trader)… Anyways a sincere thanks; your rules deliver best player odds & I had tons of fun & saved a lot thanks to you. Everybody who plays blackjack should get your dvd, you’re aces. -Ken C


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