New Book: Life Lessons: Hold’em Poker Style

I’ve collaborated with Dr. Terry Bordan and Dr. Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo, tenured professors and psychologists, on a new book,¬†Life Lessons: Hold’em Poker Style, available now on Amazon. It’s a life strategy book, not a poker strategy book. You’ll learn how to apply poker skills and concepts to all areas of everyday life. Each chapter follows up with a section (“Andy’s Corner”) where I relate my own poker stories and experience to the subject of the chapter. You won’t learn how to play the “nuts”, but you will learn how to strive for the “nuts” in your life!

Here’s the link to the Kindle Edition.

April 30: I just received my own shipment of books, so I’m now offering autographed copies too, at $30 including standard shipping within the continental US. Buy now through PayPal:

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